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Oregon Roof Consulting - Roofing Gallery & Projects - 2020
New Home/Roof Inspection - Warren, OR (Jul 02, 2020)

ORC was contacted by the builder who wanted an independent assessment of this new roof.

Defective Shingles - NW Portland, OR (Jun 30, 2020)

We’ve seen a lot of these.   

Tile Roof Inspection - Gresham, OR (Jun 26, 2020)

Tile roofing has its’ own set of rules.

Roof Inspection-Lebanon, OR (Jun 11, 2020)

Lebanon is about a 100 minute drive from home. Down I-5 then left on Hwy 20/34. The owners were refinancing and needed a minimum two year roof certification. We gave them a 5 year certification. funny thing is that even though the owner had made arrangements for a new roof his insurance carrier still wanted the present roof evaluated and certified. While there we made necessary alterations / corrections to his new roof contract so no corners will be cut and his roof will be solid for decades.

Shake Roof Assessment-SW Portland, OR (Jun 08, 2020)

The owners were getting mixed signals - no surprise there - about their roof, so they wanted an opinion from someone not selling anything. The South facing facets were in the worst condition and had a lot of recent repairs. The rest of the roof still in fair condition. We advised to stay off the roof unless absolutely necessary. No more 'repairs'. Save your money. They might get up to 5-6-7 years out of this roof. We also provided a new roof spec list so when it's time for a new roof give a copy of that list to bidders and have them bid the job that way. Then, all bidders will be bidding the same thing.                  

A Few Recent Jobs (Late May, 2020)

Here are the residential jobs we did during the last week of May. We do a lot of large commercial roofs, Homeowner Associations, school districts, etc., but our bread -and-butter is single family residential. The homes in this group are in Vancouver (The Cove), Sweet Home, Milwaukie, NE Portland, SE Portland and Oregon City. That's one thing about doing this - you never know what the next job will be or where it will be.                               

Roof Certification - Sweet Home, OR (May 19, 2020)

We do a lot of these. The only independent that does. Roofers will typically bestow a Certification – once a bunch of cleaning and ‘repairs’ have been done. We don’t play that game.
Sweet Home about a two hour drive from home. Nice part of the state. Nearby towns are Lebanon, Scio, Westfir, Springfield and Sodaville. A lot of old covered bridges around here. This one the ‘Wettle’ Bridge in Sankey Park on 14th Street in Sweet Home.

New Roof Installation Monitoring - N. Portland, OR (May 15-16, 2020)

ORC was asked by a regular client to write the specs for this job and monitor the installation.

We visited the first day and things were progressing nicely then came back at 1PM the next day. The roofers had left about Noon.

Overall it is a nice job however there were a few items that need to be addressed.

  • Contract and manufacturer specs called for there to be sealant between flanges and lapping shingles. There wasn't
  • Storm collar on gas vent pipe needs hi temp caulking
  • The peel & stick membrane on the flat roof wasn't sticking thoroughly to the edge metal
  • There was a 3/4" buckle in a plywood seam that needs attention
  • Nailing on one facet really bad. The nailing on the rest of the roof very good

These issues will be addressed then the roofer will be paid.

New Roof Install Monitoring - Beaverton, OR (Apr 2020)

This is an annual ongoing project.          

➲ See our 2019 Gallery entry: HOA New Roof Install Monitoring - Beaverton, OR (Late April, 2019)

Final Day Activities (04/10/2020)
Real Estate Transaction Roof Inspection - Salem, OR (Apr 02, 2020)

ORC was asked to assess this roof for the buyer of half this duplex in South Salem.

The shingles had slightly frayed edges but should easily last 5-7 years maybe longer. Factory applied sealant at about 65% original strength. Surface granule loss insignificant. Shingles not cupping, cracking, or curling. 3 'professional roofers' told her a new roof was necessary. Not true.

Real Estate Transaction Roof Inspection - NE Portland, OR (Mar 31 2020)

We do a lot of these. For some reason our findings are frequently much different than what roofers say. Objectivity isn't always profitable. Yes the roof is worn but not yet 'shot'. The seller was pleased to have someone tell him it should last at least 3-4 years possibly a bit longer.

8-Plex Roof Inspection - NE Portland, OR  (Mar 24, 2020)

This HOA wanted an independent assessment of their roof, as they were getting mixed signals from various ‘roofers’, so we got the call. This roof should easily last 12-15 years, perhaps longer. There is one stem vent that lost its lid and two pipe flashings that need replacing, but that's it. Of course two "professional roofers" told these folks that a new roof was needed now. Just more egregious prevarication (lying) that we see on an all-to-regular basis.       

Tile Roof Inspection - NW Portland, OR (Mar 10, 2020)

This $1.8 million thirteen-year-old home was being sold and part of due diligence was a roof inspection, so we got the call.

The tile is a Monier concrete tile in the 'shake' profile. Tile is laid in a broken bond and with direct application meaning the battens are fastened directly to the plywood deck. The other method is elevated application meaning the horizontal battens are elevated off the deck with 'vertical stripping'. Valleys are a double 'W' type which is correct and valleys are open which is also correct. Open valleys drain better and are much easier to clean. Many 'professional' tile roofers lay valley tiles tight to each other. Can't do that.

There are about 60+- broken tiles likely caused by whoever cleaned the roof. These are not a leak issue because just the lower right corner - which is the weakest part of these tiles - are 'chipped' and can't leak due to tile overlap.

This roof will require regular maintenance as all tile roofs do and should last a very long time. How about that indoor pool !

PERS Headquarters Flat Roof Inspection - Tigard, OR (Mar 10, 2020)

This is PERS Headquarters (Public Employees Retirement System). They wanted an independent assessment of their 22-year-old PVC roof.

There are no legitimate negative issues with this roof and it should last at least 8-10 years, if not longer. It was refreshing to see a professionally installed and well maintained roof - of any kind. Doesn't happen that often. The PERS folks were pleased with our findings.                    

Roof Inspection - Saint David of Wales Episcopal Church - SE Portland, OR (Feb 14, 2020)

ORC was asked to do an assessment of this roof which consisted of many sections of both flat and steep slope roofing.Most of the roof was fine but all flat sections need attention and the south side shingle sections need a bit of repair. We provided a narrative style easy to understand summary report and relevant photos. We also provided a new roof spec list to be presented to bidders when it is time to put on a new roof. I also gave names of good roofers - of which there are few.

Work Update: Mar 17, 2020
The repair work has started  

Work Update: Mar 17, 2020
Commercial Flat Roof Repair - NE Portland   (Feb 10-13, 2020)

ORC was asked by the owners of this building to monitor and photo-document this repair work. It took a while for us to find the right roofer. I called six or seven that allegedly specialize in this type of work. Two didn't bother to call back. Two kept stringing us along, "Oh yeah, we are interested, we will get a bid out to you right away". Uh huh. I'll betcha if they were asked to give a bid to put a new roof on these 2 huge buildings they would have been there Johnny on the spot tap dancing all over place with a cane and a straw hat. Two roofers, as well as the dismissed roofer who had been doing annual inspections and 'repairs', insisted that the buildings needed new roofs. To the tune of a million dollars. Greed and prevarication are ugly human characteristics.

We ended up going with Cascade United Roofing, in business since 1959, and we could not have been more pleased with their performance. The crew/team was like a well oiled machine. They were efficient and wasted no time, materials, or effort. I spent many hours watching and saw nothing to complain about. Nothing. These guys even worked under floodlights until 8PM on two nights! They were well equipped and had everything they needed to do the job.

➲ See Commercial Flat Roof Inspection - Portland SE  (Aug  19, 2019)

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
New Roof Inspection - Port Orford, OR   (Feb  03-07, 2020)

Port Orford is on the southern Oregon coast an hour from the border with California. The owners were having a leak issue, and after six return visits by the Coos Bay-based roofer it was still leaking, so we got the call. It was a 5-1/2 hour drive via I-5, Highway 38 through Drain and Elkton. Take a left at Reedsport then through Coos Bay, Bandon then Port Orford, population 1,110. The house was up on a hill with a commanding ocean view.

The shingles on the house are a high end 'heavyweight' 50-year shingle. Shingles on the garage were supposed to be the same but instead were a standard 30-year laminate. On the bill they charged for the 50-year shingle which wasn't a nice thing to do. They got caught. Ooooops! The leak was at the chimney. See, at the coast they get a lot of sideways wind-driven rain. When installing any roof local weather patterns should be a consideration when installing a roof assembly. None of the flashing on the chimney or the three large skylites was sealed. Oooops again. They also used cheap pipe flashings that will fail decades before the shingles do. Just to save a few bucks. We have yet to see quality work done by a beach roofer.

We have never been to that part of the state so we stayed five days and did some looking around. Went to Brookings, Gold Beach, Bandon and Cape Blanco. It's a whole different world down there. A great trip!        

Roof Inspection - SW Portland, OR  (Jan 30, 2020)

This is a  job for a company that helps professionals relocate to another state for their employer.  We have 2 clients that do this, one based in Illinois and the other in Texas.

This unique home has a top shelf heavyweight shingle warranted for 50 years. This roof has a good 25 years left probably longer than that. All counterflashings are copper. Don't see that often.                   

Tile Roof Inspection - Lake Oswego, OR   (Jan 25, 2020)

This $2 Million home right on the lake needed a roof certification as part of the sale. The tile is an Adams-Powell concrete product. This roof was professionally installed however it needs a good thorough cleaning. Other than that it should last a long time.         

Roof Inspection - Tigard, OR (Jan 24, 2020)

The buyers of this home wanted an independent assessment of this roof.  It has 3 different types of roofing : 3-tab shingles; a granulated cap sheet and a smooth surface torch applied membrane over the carport. The shingles have about 6+- years left, the granulated cap sheet maybe 2-3 years while the torch roof is shot and needs replacing. It also was mis applied and has been leaking a long time. They can expect a fair amount of the 2X6 Select Deck will need replacing.             

Twelve-Plex Roof Inspection- -NE Portland, OR (Jan 13, 2020)

This HOA was getting mixed signals from various roofers so they wanted an independent, neutral, impartial assessment from someone not trying to sell a roofing job. Two 'roofers' looked them in the eye and said the roof wouldn't last the winter. Talk about egregious prevarication! This roof has at least 8 years left probably longer. It's amazing what some of these losers will say and do just to make a sale. Needless to say this HOA was most pleased with our findings.             

Shake Roof Assessment/Certification - West Hills, Portland, OR (Jan 08, 2020)

ORC was asked to inspect this roof by one of our regular clients who assists professionals who have been relocated by their employer. This shake roof is a professionally installed CCA treated heavy (3/4") 100% vertical grain roof. As good as shakes get. This roof will easily last 20 years probably longer.

Roof Inspection / Certification - Lyons, OR (Jan 06, 2020)

Lyons  (population 1,210) is just off Highway 22 between Mehama and Mill City near Detroit Lake. The owner was preparing to sell and wanted an accurate assessment from someone not selling anything ( except advice ). The roof had significant moss and algae on the North facets which is typical. The only legitimate negative is that 3 facets did not have a starter course. Other then that this roof has many years left. After the inspection we tipped on down the road to Your Country Kitchen. A cozy homey restaurant where everyone knows everybody with my-te-fine breakfast fixins. Up on the wall was a sign 'Guns Welcome Here'. Dang if that didn't bring a tear to my one good eye.                 


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